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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention & treatment of ‘malocclusion’ which means ‘bad bite.’  Corrective devices such as braces are used to bring teeth, lips & jaw into proper alignment.

What is malocclusion?

Malocclusion is the improper positioning of the teeth & jaw.  Very few people have perfectly positioned teeth.  Treating moderate or severe malocclusion can improve your smile, make teeth clean & help to prevent tooth decay & gum diseases.

What is orthodontic treatment?

Custom-made devices, or braces, are prescribed & designed by the orthodontist.  They may be removable or fixed (cemented and/or bonded to the teeth) & can be made of plastic, ceramic or metal.  Braces can slowly move teeth to a new desirable position.

At what age can people have orthodontic treatment?

Children & adults can booth benefit from orthodontics, as healthy teeth can be moved at almost any age.  Children should have orthodontic screening no later than age 11.  Some orthodontic problems may be easier to correct if treated early.

Why is orthodontic treatment important?

Crooked or overcrowded teeth are difficult to clean.  This can often lead to tooth decay, gum disease and even loss of teeth in some cases.  Orthodontic problems lead to an uneven wearing down of tooth surfaces & can also lead to pain in the face.

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